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By installing a Sparkle Spot-Free Rinse Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System in your car wash, you can increase income and customer satisfaction.


Spot-Free Rinse System removes TDS (total dissolved solids) in the water that softeners do not remove. Dissolved solids in the water causes spotting on the surface of automobiles. Normal water in the USA has an average of 300 ppm (parts per million) of dissolved solids. Objectionable spotting occurs in water with only 50 ppm or more. A Sparkle Spot-Free Rinse System removes 98% of TDS or usually to a level of 10 ppm or less.
An RO (reverse osmosis) system consists of a charcoal filter, pump, membrane and storage tank. The charcoal filter filters the water and removes all chlorine to prevent damage to the membrane. The pump receives city water pressure and increases it to force it through the membrane.

The Sparkle RO units use the best membrane available. The membrane separates the good water from the bad, and then the purified water is stored in a storage tank. The tank stores the water until the customer uses the Spot-Free Rinse System.


Engineering and Maintenance
Engineered with the best available components on the market, the Sparkle Spot-Free Rinse System will deliver low pressure pure water to the car wash bay. The Sparkle Spot-Free Rinse System can be installed "on-board" for newly purchased wash systems or separately for existing car washes. Installation can usually be done in a day, without downtime. Regular maintenance can be done by the operator simply by changing prefilters and checking water for purity.

More Customers, More Profits
By offering RO with your car wash, you will not only gain satisfied customers, but you can also increase your bay income. RO can produce up to 12% of your bay income. This is the most cost-effective product in a bay giving you a high rate of return on investment.

The type of membrane used in the Sparkle Spot-Free Rinse Reverse Osmosis System is a thin film composite polyimide. At optimum operating conditions, this membrane removes over 98% of the dissolved solids in the water and nearly 100% of suspended particles, which includes heavy weight metals and organic molecules (see list). A programmable controller on-board the unit monitors spot-free production and automatically cleans the membrane with a flush cycle at the correct time. This allows the Jim Coleman Company to give a three year warranty on the life of the membrane. Flow meters on the unit allow proper monitoring of the RO production and reject.

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