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State-of-the-art equipment from an industry expert, the 94000 Series Vacuums are by far our best sellers and your best investment. High quality, stainless steel construction of our affordable dual-function vacuums means long life, dependability and a higher return on your dollar than any other equipment. Round in shape, the 94000 Series Vacuums make an attractive vacuum at your car wash with your choice of dome color and matching decal graphics.

High Security Lock
This optional lock will help reinforce the dirt door to deter vandals from "buried treasures" that may be in the dirt bag.

High Security Bar Lock
Get extra protection and peace of mind with a hardened, stainless bar guarding your cash drawer.

Bill Acceptor
Increase vacuum income by simplifying the payment process. Customers use $1 and $5 bills, coins and/or codes.

High Security Vault
A $300.00 capacity vault with removable stainless steel cash drawer for ease of collection.

Dome & Hose Color
All vacuum domes, round and oval are available in Forest Green, Red, White, Blue, Magenta, Yellow and Teal. Hoses come in teal, yellow, gray, red/blue combo, black and red.

Countdown Timer
Countdown Timers display time, price, coins deposited, remaining time,and last coin alert. The optional "Commander" remote control allows you to change price and time and access coin count and cycle counts at the touch of a button.

Twin Vacuum Motors
The twin vacuum motors provide performance for a more powerful vacuum.

Select-N-Touch Option
The vacuums can be equipped with the Select-N-Touch Meter for credit card use.

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