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A great marketing tool for creating a database for your car wash.

The SWIPE-N-CLEAN's technology also brings you the fun of creating your own FREQUENT CAR WASH CLUB or rewards program. Simply by inputting a 6-digit code, your customer can have the privilege of a car wash club membership. Because the SWIPE-N-CLEAN can record data, you are able to create a database of your members. The code will identify your customer and works similar to a debit account. Members pay for wash packages and earn free or discounted washes, vacuums or promotional gifts... you choose the prize! Not only will you have a list of car wash users, but you will have created a targeted segment of your market in establishing product use and purchase behavior. The car wash club cards are custom designed for your site and may be purchased from Jim Coleman Company., or you can create your own.

The Frequent Car Wash Club also can be used in conjunction with preprinted T-shirts for you and your employees to wear to help promote membership in the club. Call for a quote.

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