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A marketing tool made for the business-to-business accounts.

The SWIPE-N-CLEAN has a unique way of marketing to business accounts.

FROGGIE FLEET enables car wash operators to issue wash codes to the multiple vehicle commercial businesses. It saves business owners from giving employees cash or credit cards for keeping the company vehicles clean and washed. It also puts an end to employees turning in cash receipts. FROGGIE FLEET will provide employees the ability to have a totally cash-less procedure. Each transaction will be stored in a computer in the equipment room where you may view it there or at a remote location. The SWIPE-N-CLEAN will give you the ability to view all transactions showing time, date, identity of each user and total amount spent. This gives the business owner the ability to keep his fleet cleaner and pay one monthly bill.

The FROGGIE FLEET™Car Wash Program is complete with laminated cards and a promotional kit on CD, that is filled with sample ads, letters and marketing tips to make your FROGGIE FLEET™ program a success. Cards can be customized for your program/site. There are many marketing strategies using this great feature of the SWIPE-N-CLEAN in promoting fleet accounts. While these accounts are primarily used for commercial accounts, you may also incorporate them into family accounts for families that have several cars... and teenagers!

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