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Why Heiden Industries? We Care!

Heiden Industries is a leading car wash developer and supplier for Louisiana and Mississippi . Our ever-changing product line continues to provide entrepreneurs with the right equipment for a successful venture. The high quality car wash equipment necessary to achieve the maximum income potential for your property investment is here.

In the beginning, self serve carwashes offered limited services which were simply high pressure wash and rinse with a vacuum for the inside of the vehicle. Today, the modern car wash facility has developed into a complete car care center with a wide range of services and income producing options.

Heiden Industries is a distributor for the Jim Coleman Company. Their product line includes the Water Wizard in-bay touchfree automatic and the Super Saver and Power Pack self-service pumping equipment. Also available are high-income producing equipment like, vacuums, fragrance/vacuum combination units, hot foam shampoo/vacuum combination units and electronic vending islands. To support this car wash equipment are bay marketing meters, colorful-back-lit awnings, stainless steel vacuum bases, bay and property signs as well as a complete graphics and marketing team and an engineering and drafting department.

One shining example of our innovative spirit is the Swipe N Clean credit card acceptance system. The first and to date the only system on the market that allows your customer to purchase and wash in the Water Wizard, Self-serve bay time, vacuums, fragrance, shampooer, and vending items with one swipe of a credit card. When completed, the customer can return to the Swipe-N-Clean for a detailed receipt of all purchases.

Our latest release of new technology is the Entry Wizard. It is the first interactive entry controller for an automatic car wash. The customer arrives at the entrance of the wash bay and is greeted by a pleasing voice message and a 13-inch Touchscreen. The marketing advantages of the Entry Wizard include customizable menu's, visual screens, audio instructions, touch programmable, operator friendly, full-detailed reporting, acceptance of fleet and user codes to name a few.

The Water Wizard In-Bay TouchFree automatic offers scrubbing action high pressure washing over the entire vehicle. It is the only TouchFree unit to successfully adjust to the variety of heights of vehicles on the road today. Many more exciting features our available with the Water Wizard. Check them out.

From site analysis to construction plans, superb equipment and our support, to marketing your car wash before and after, the bottom line is Heiden Industries has what you need.

Heiden Industries is the company you'll want to associate yourself with. We are the leader in the car wash industry with the ability and the mission to make your carwash #1 in your market area. Call us today! 800-878-4913


Heiden Industries Will Help you With All Phases Of The Start-Up Process.

At Heiden Industries, we want our customers to have all the necessary information they need to make the best decision for their investment dollar.

Our team of professionals will devote as much time and effort as needed to make sure our customers are successful. This includes after the sale!

These are some of the phases we help you with.

  • Site selection and Income Analysis
  • Preliminary site layout
  • Demographic Study
  • Income and cash flow projection
  • Assistance for financing
  • Building Design
  • Architect selection
  • Contractor selection
  • Construction supervision
  • Equipment selection and layout
  • Equipment installation
  • Site marketing and grand openings
  • Operational Training
  • Chemical management


For more information call (504) 466-0800 or Toll-Free (800) 878-4913
Proudly serving the Louisiana and Mississippi Area

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